I have always felt a connection and bond to beautiful natural places. My outdoor pursuits and activities in the mountains, deserts and oceans have always filled me with inspiration and a sense of stewardship for preserving the majesty of our natural world.

It is from this foundation that I find purpose to make a positive impact towards a sustainable future for everyone.

I have also always been a maker. I like to use my time to create and bring something new to life that is interesting, beautiful and of value. From crafting fine woodworked furniture, to building an entire house, to making music with stringed instruments, to building an organisation, my passion for creativity has been a common thread throughout my journey.

While living in the mountain towns of Telluride, Colorado and Lake Tahoe, California, I worked in the high end custom home market, where I honed my skills at fine woodworking and complex bespoke project delivery. I founded Palisade Construction in 2001 as a full service construction firm delivering exceptional quality to meet demanding client expectations. During this time I also served on the board of the Sierra Green Building Association, a non-profit organisation that promotes sustainable building practices in the local communities.

As a dual U.S. / Australian citizen, I moved to Perth in 2012 and found a niche as a Safety Advisor in the in resource industry of Western Australia. I worked at various sites in the Pilbara applying my strengths in fostering powerful relationships to enable successful outcomes in the difficult task of balancing safety with production goals.

To pivot my career, I returned to school to study business at Macquarie University Graduate School of Management in Sydney. I received my Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.) in 2016.

I then joined Solar Analytics, a Sydney based software company innovating in the clean tech industry. In this fast paced, entrepreneurial environment, I have had the opportunity apply my talents, skills and experience across the business as we drive the change toward renewable, distributed energy.

In my off time, I volunteer with Wamberal Surf Life Saving Club, enjoy the outdoors and staying fit.